Micro Power Tools

Solomax Mini Drill/Screwdriver

The Solomax™ Mini Cordless Drill and Screwdriver is pre-sterilised and disposable battery powered.

The Driver operates in forward and reverse directions and is suitable for driving small screws especially important in cranial closure and other precision surgery.


SMX-SU001 Oscillating Saw
Lightweight 720gr Operating Speed 0-14’500 oscillations per minute

SMXM1030 High Speed Drill
Speed 0-3,000 cycles rpm
Chuck variability 0.50mm to 3.00mm
Lightweight 330gr 

SMXM1050 Sagital Saw
Speed 0- 2,000 cycles rpm
Lightweight 240gr 

SMXM1060 Motor Unit
Modular System 3m length Power Cord Variable Speed Safety Switch 12V DC output

SMX-SU004 – Reciprocating Saw

Light Weight 795 grams and is factory fitted with a Sternum Guard.
Blade stroke 3.0mm
Operational Speed  0-12,500 cycles per min

SMXM0034/L-EMC Power Console
AC input 100V – 220V Advanced switch mode operation Lightweight 2.4kg Features 2 outlets for Micro Power Tools 1 outlet for Large Power Tools