Solomax Z Pulse Lavage System incl suction & outflow tubing, battery pack, 30mm cone and coaxial tip.


Our Solomax Pulse Lavage System is a fully disposable, battery powered lavage system designed for wound debridement across a variety of surgical applications

The handpiece is lightweight and features a two-speed trigger mechanism for low or high pressure lavage. This Pulse Lavage System has a unique quick release Battery Pack connection for safety.

Solomax E Pulse Lavage System incl suction & outflow tubing, battery pack and 35mm cone  and the product code SMX-2500-E-DP-ST03-3M.

Hand Piece
Lightweight, ergonomic designed to reduce grip pressure and enhance control

Trigger Control
Two finger-controlled lavage pressures: -Powerful pulsed lavage pressure (bone cleansing) -Low pressure (wound debridement)
Nozzle Attachment
30mm secure retaining bracket Supplied including 30mm Cone Tip and Coaxial Tube

Power Unit
External power unit lowers weight of handpiece to improve control Quick release Battery Pack connection for safety

Technical Specification DC 12V/AA x 8 cells alkaline battery 3m tube length High speed flow rate up to 1000ml/M Low speed flow rate 700ml/M Pressure up to 15psi Single Use Only – DO NO RESTERILISE

Ordering Information SMX-2500-Z-DP-ST01Z-CT02Z Battery powered PLS system Including: 2 x 3 tubing (suction & irrigation) 30mm cone Coaxial tip External Battery Pack SMX-BT04Z Femoral Canal Brush

SMX-ST01Z (included)

SMX-CT02Z (included)

SMX-BT04Z (not included)